Noir Restaurant Ballroom Los Angeles Fine Art Wedding Photographer


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What a beautiful occasion! It was wonderful to be a part of F&J’s magical day in Los Angeles! Nothing made me happier than seeing these two lovebirds come together with their guests to share their loving relationship! Looking stunning in their wedding attire, nothing could top the radiant look of love that shone from them! With F wearing a sleek gorgeous white dress and J donning his handsome dark suit, they looked incredible together! Sharing their vows and touching the hearts of all who were present, everyone was so happy to finally see them share their first kiss!

After the ceremony had concluded, it was now time to capture some pictures of this happy couple! Smiling from ear to ear, these two were bubbling with excitement and joy! Eyes sparkling as they shared affection, these two made amazing pictures together! After we had captured some of their loving attributes, it was finally time to rejoin their guests for some celebration! Going into the reception area, it was decorated beautifully! Making the perfect environment for these guys, it was great to see them party the night away! Everyone had a wonderful time and I was honored to be the one to capture it all!

Thank you so much Jeremy Chou Photography for having me as your assistant! It’s been a while I admire his work and it was a great privilege to be able to shoot alongside with him.