Melinda & Tim’s Wedding – El Adobe De Capistrano – San Juan Capistrano, California Wedding Photographer

Tim and Melinda met through a match maker (aka eHarmony) last summer. After nearly month of phone calls (lasting into the wee hours of the morning) Tim asked Melinda on their first date. An evening of dinner and laughter at Crystal Cove’s Beachcomber in Newport Beach, California turned into talking until just before Tim’s Sunday morning shift at his restaurant. And as all good romance stories go, somehow they both knew that they were both about to begin something very special.

The following week Melinda asked Tim to tag along on a business trip to San Diego. When her work was done for the day they drove to Seaport Village to take in the sights and enjoy dinner in nearby Little Italy. An after dinner stroll along the water ended near the USS Midway museum and they shared their first kiss. Fireworks literally went off in the sky (talk about timing!) and Tim joked that he would never be able to replicate that moment no matter how hard he tried. Neither one of them disclosed that they too were both experiencing fireworks on the inside!

In the months that followed Tim and Melinda began surprising each other with monthly mystery dates. Each time, trying to “out do” each other, they were able to experience many firsts together including a balloon ride over Irvine while listening to The Blind Boys of Alabama, the shark exhibit at The Long Beach Aquarium, Toy Story 3 at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood and Melinda’s personal favorite, an interpretative dance recital at UCI. (What a good sport Tim is!)

Both Tim and Melinda recognized early on that God had His perfect hand in orchestrating their meeting, falling in love and mutual interest in spending their lives together. The old cliché it just feels so right rang true and their friends and family shared in their excitement throughout their courtship believing that they are God’s best for one another. It was an answered prayer to years and years of praying that these two souls would be blessed with one life together.

In December Melinda returned from a family Christmas in Sisters, Oregon with plans to spend New Year’s Eve with Tim. She had a sneaking suspicion that he might pop the question but had already ruined the chances of that by guessing earlier that it would be that night. Or so she thought. Tim showed up from work with an hour to spare before the clock struck midnight. Melinda was finishing the touches on a New Years cake she made (A Tiffany Blue Box cake, but of course) and Tim asked her to come join him on the couch to watch the countdown from Times Square. He said, let’s both close our eyes and when we get to 2011 we’ll open them and the first thing we will see is each other. Unsuspectedly, Melinda (for reals…. she thought it might happen on a “picnic” on New Year’s Day) obliged. And the second that 2011 arrived Melinda felt Tim grab her left hand and slip a ring on her ring finger. Girly screaming ensued as Melinda buried her head in Tim’s chest. Tim waited for the squealing to die down and said, Wait! Wait! I need to ask you a question! Melinda lifted her head off his chest and was speechless (for. the. first. time. ever) as Tim said, Melinda Marie Hughie, will you be my wife? It was really happening! The answer she squeaked out was, YES! On 1-1-11 Melinda and Tim became engaged to be married. Melinda just happened to have her camera nearby along with a manicure suited for shots of her new bling. (And what a beautiful bling Tim chose).

Congratulations to you Melinda and Tim.

Melinda & Tim’s Wedding – El Adobe De Capistrano – San Juan Capistrano, California Wedding Photographer

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